Meeting Minutes Jan 2015

Pax Christi STL Meeting

January 13, 2015, 7:00 pm
St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Church
In attendance: Kathy, Laura and Tom , Fr. Jim, Wilma, Carla Mae , Gary, Carol, Mary Pat.
We will stay with Tuesdays for the next three meetings, February 10 and March 10 and April 14.
  • World Religion Readings starting Jan. 28:  Muslims, Jews and Christians participate on Wednesday, 12:10-1:30 for seven Wednesdays, from January 28 through March 8 at The Aquinas Institute. Anyone is welcome.
  • College Church has contacted The Rock Church about collaborating on an initiative on race. Perhaps starting a dialog with a screening of Selma.  More information forthcoming and Kathy will pass it along as it develops.
  • PCART workshop on March 14 at the Wash U Catholic Student Center
    • Will be an all day workshop with two speakers from Chicago (Tom Cordaro) and Richmond, VA (Cathy Woodson).  8:30am – 5pm
    • Biggest task now is to fundraise for the workshop.  We received letterhead from PCUSA and we need everyone to send out at least one letter.
    • Laura will talk to the Archdiocese.
    • Let Laura know whom you will be soliciting.
o Jim already received a commitment of $100 from the Dominican Friars.
o Anna Sandidge has already pledged $500 from the CSJ justice ministry.
o Mary Pat will send a letter to St. Cronan’s.
o Wilma will send a letter to Drury Inn. Idea: One benefit to Drury for supporting the event is we could use their notepads and pens.
o Carol will send a letter to the Benedictines
o Sr. Carla Mae will send a letter to Richard DeBona and the pastor of College Church.
o Kathy and Wilma will request from The Rock.
o We need a volunteer to look into the Vatterott Foundation.
o Carol will send a letter to Most Holy Trinity parish.
o Need to volunteer to contact Sisters of Mercy
o Laura will send a letter to School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Paulette Zimmerman is the social justice coordinator.
o Need a volunteer to look into NCCJ.
o Need a volunteer to contact Incarnate Word Foundation
o Someone should call Marie Kenyon. Not sure if she has a budget, but we are asking for $100.  (Laura will attempt)  If anyone know her personally – please let me know
    • The letter on letterhead should be in our e-mail tomorrow. We can use that as a base and customize it for our contacts.
    • Food:  They would like us to do it in a way that requires the least amount of time, so box lunches or something quick.  Kathy  coordinating food.
• Mary Pat will oversee the budget.
• Need to figure out how much to reimburse per mile, perhaps .56/mile.
• Need to clarify how Cathy is to handle getting her ticket.

Notes about March 14 Workshop

  • Everyone who participates needs to commit for the entire session. 8:30am – 5pm
  • Need to decide whether to invite young people – can they really commit to the whole session?
  • Sr. Carla Mae expressed that we should be explicit about the requirements.
  • Ask John and Rob about their peers at other high schools. Could they recommend kids?  Need to put together a one-pager on what the event is and what is required so the students know what they are getting into.
  • Ask the history museum about using some of their resources on the history of race relations in St Louis.
  • We will make the meeting all on Saturday (as opposed to breaking it up between Friday night and Saturday).
  • We need name tags
  • What outcome do we want from this workshop?
o Increase our own understanding of racism
o See the possibility of ripple effects — Participants share the information. Challenge participants to give one presentation.
o What does it mean in a sustained manner, an ongoing response to Ferguson.
o Do more intentional outreach to people of color to join PC USA to help us do our anti-racism work.
  • What do we want to call this workshop? Something to do with sustained, systemic change. Suggestions below:
o Peace begins with Me; A Pax Christi Anti-Racism Workshop
o Resisting Racism in St. Louis

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

Meeting Minutes December 2014

Pax Christi Meeting
December 2, 2014
7:00 pm at St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Church
In attendance: Kathy, Laura and Tom, Fr. Jim, Wilma, Carla Mae, Lucy, Gary, Christine, Patricia, Mary Pat.
We started by recognizing Carla Mae for being honored with the Malachi Award. The funds from this award will go toward students who want to study Jewish/Christian relations.  Congratulations Sr. Carla Mae!
Old Business
  • We discussed possibly changing the meetings to the first Tuesday of the month. We still have to make sure we can get a room at the church.  Laura will let Wilma know by next week so we can confirm meeting space.  The first Tuesday in January is 1/6/15.
  • The letter we wrote about Ferguson was posted on the Pax Christi USA website and FB. It will be sent to:
    o St. Louis Review
    o St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    o St. Louis American
    o Catholic Magazine
  • Anti-racism training: We can use the Catholic Student Center at Wash U for no charge. PC USA would like us to collect donations and send in one lump sum to the DC office. We would like people to write their checks to Pax Christi.
    o Budget of $2,000. Possibly ask 20 churches/religious orders for $100 each.
    o Laura and Mary Pat will draft a fundraising letter.
    o We will get PC USA letterhead stationary and work to get letters sent by early January 2015.
    o We will start (by e-mail) to brainstorm parishes/orders/group members we could approach about sending a request letter so we can “hit the ground running” in January.
    o Carla Mae suggested we contact the Office of Education. Ed H. is  in charge of adult education. He would know who is in charge of the schools. Speak personally with him. Tell him Laura is the facilitator of Pax Christi St. Louis and we want to see if people could get credit/certification for the training course.
    o Would the Archdiocese give a grant to support the training? Who would it be? Catholic Charities. Could Javier O. help? Kathy will ask. Ed Hogan would be a good contact.

    o Where and how will be publicize the event?

      • Laura will set up a FB page for PC St Louis.
      • Church bulletins
      • Half-page flyers
      • Make an electronic copy to be distributed by the group and friends.
      • Call Don Marsh
    o Who do we want to attend?
      • Peacemakers
      • Teachers
      • Parishes with a social justice committee
      • People who have gone through JustFaith training
      • College students
      • Possibly high school students (with a recommendation from a teacher and paired up with mentors)
      • What if we made it a point to really invite students of color from Ferguson and/or Cardinal Ritter?
      • Catholic parishes in Ferguson?
    o Food: We will use donated funds to hire a caterer, possibly an African American-owned business. Cheryl McNeil     (Business: Aren’t You Hungry?).  Diner’s Delight.  Maybe a Ferguson caterer.
  • Update on Compassionate St. Louis: The Nov 13 meeting went very well. 200 people were there. The next town hall meeting will be in April 2015. 7 groups from the community were there including 3 ministers from Ferguson. It was covered in the STL Post-Dispatch.
  • We discussed what people thought about the Rams demonstration of solidarity and the public reaction to it.
  • Prayer Healing Service this Thursday at St. Alphonsus Liguori Church. It will be from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. The topic will be on changing the narrative on raising the Black male.
  • How can we help Ferguson?
    • Support the businesses
    • Invite people to participate in everything that we are doing.
    • Show up at prayer services/meetings of support that are taking in Ferguson.
    • Do we want to do something more specific? Help clean up? Laura will distribute information about specific needs to the PC STL group.
  • One of the things we can do is keep the conversation going and not let the conversation fade out. We won’t let things go back to “Business as usual.”
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Meeting Minutes – Aug. 26, 2014

Notes from Pax Christi St. Louis Meeting

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In attendance: Wilma, Edna. Kathy, Richard, Tom and Laura, Heather, Mary Pat, John, Sr. Carla Mae, Carol, Margaret Mary.

Upcoming Events:

  • Labor Day 8:45 parade, meet in Christ Church Parking lot. Contact Sr. Carla Mae if you would like to participate. She will represent the Faith and Labor Alliance. They meet each 4th Thursday of the month at Maggie O’Brien’s.
  • Metropolitan Congregations United citywide gathering taking place this Thursday, 8/28/14 at St. Alphonsus The Rock Church. Focus on voter rights, Medicare expansion and the situation in Ferguson. They are a very effective group. They present out their agenda and then ask elected officials and executives to support. It is highly organized and public. Good for accountability. Agenda is all about peace and justice.
  • Town Hall meeting with Michel Martin in Ferguson. Doors open at 5:00 at Wellspring Church. From 6:00 – 8:00 pm on Thursday, August 28, 2014.
  • There will be an introductory workshop on centering prayer, November 8, 2014, 9am-3pm at Grace Episcopal Church 514 E. Argonne (entrance off Madison Ave.), Kirkwood MO 63122. How does a Contemplative Lifestyle contribute to social justice? Speakers will be Fr. Rich Creason and Fr. Carl Scheble.
  • Charter of Compassion St Louis first Town Hall Meeting November13, 2014, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The next meeting will take place in the spring. As momentum builds, they will start to take place quarterly. More information can be found at: This is a 10-year program.

Discussion about Ferguson

  • Commentary by Percy Green II was passed around.
  • What is the role of white people in Ferguson? John reported that he lives in Ferguson and restated the importance of white people being present. There are several meetings going on in Ferguson and we could try to encourage a Catholic presence through our network.
  • Maybe we could come up with a date and time to visit Ferguson and have a Catholic, peaceful presence.

Old Business

  • Kathy reported about the recent PCART meeting. Two people have expressed willingness to coming to St. Louis: Tom Cordaro and Cathy Woodson. Next steps: give Tom and Cathy some dates. The local group is responsible for transportation and lodging. They are also requesting an honorarium from the local group that would be given to Pax Christi USA. It would be a one-day, 7-hour seminar. Could be a good opportunity to reach out to high school and college campus chapters. It would be good to work with Clergy Coalition new chair of Interfaith Partnership. What about religious educators? Is there a way for this to count as CEUs? Maybe we could get some funding from religious communities to bring PCART here. We would need to raise about $1,200 for airfare and a small honorarium. Maybe set up a Go Fund Me site.
  • Contact high schools and young people who are open and willing to learn and need to have contact with people they have never had a chance to know.
  • It was decided to move forward with planning the PCART workshop in St. Louis, with some reservations that it not be focused only on the Pax Christi STL group, but opened up to the larger community.
  • Offer it as a service to Catholic educators in light of what is going on in Ferguson. Would be important for the representation to be a manifestation of who we want Pax Christi to be. This could have multiple benefits — most importantly to raise people’s conscience, but should also encourage people to join Pax Christi.
  • We will begin looking at dates in February and will work to have the date secured in time to start promoting it this fall.

The meeting ended at 8:40 pm.

Meeting Minutes May 27, 2014

Pax Christi Minutes – May 27, 2014

I. Workshop Follow-up

– comments from evaluations

– Small group ideas

– Javier and Leon suggested we evaluate the action strategies from the small groups

Our ideas for action:

– share stories of minorities in our community, Kathy volunteered to help

– short “meet your neighbor” column in the Archdiocese magazine, Laura to contact magazine editor

– encourage preachers to talk about race issues, esp. violence

– rides to polls for people who might not otherwise be able

– early voting petition (on ballot in november)

– no one is speaking out against the NRA

– support businesses that are paying their workers fairly

– communities communicating online; more difficult in disadvantaged neighborhoods where connectivity is hard

II. Charter of Compassion

May 21 was first public meeting at History Museum

– “connectors” who are passionate about an issue get together and share what each group has done

– Pax Christi’s action can be to get people from parishes, schools etc. involved with the compassion charter

III. Subcommittee on parish outreach project

– Need updated list of parishes from Mary Pat

IV. PCART Subcommittee

– proposed an anti-racism workshop possibly in October

– 2 PCART leaders would come all day on a Saturday

– We need to raise money for transportation to St. Louis and food

V. Climate Change Letter

– PC-STL supports it

– Need to make sure developing nations are remembered when working on solutions to climate change

VI. For the Sake of All

– Event this Friday, May 30 to unveil final data on African Americans in St. Louis

VII. Junior daughters and Junior Knights Event

– Christine requested handouts to put in the backpacks about Pax Christi

– approx 120 needed by June 10

– See if National has handouts for youth

VIII. Events

June 6 7pm – MO History Museum Movie, Freedom Summer, about civil rights in Mississippi 1964

Praise rally for young people

Thurs. 7:30am, Faith & Labor Alliance @ Maggie O’Briens

Meeting Minutes April 22, 2014

Pax Christi St Louis Meeting Notes
St Alphonsus Liguori “Rock” Catholic Church
April 22, 2014
7:00 pm
In attendance: Lucy, Gary t, Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Ida , Margaret-Mary, Sr. Carla Mae , Laura, Tom, Kathy, Wilma and Mary Pat
We started by gathering everyone’s contact information for a group roster, including name, address, e-mail address and phone numbers.
We started with a report on the workshop organized by Pax Christi USA, reaching out to Catholics of Color.  We then discussed what we could take from the successful workshop and apply to our local work.
Appreciations about the Workshop:
  • Frank and open discussion in the small groups. People had a lot to say about race in St. Louis.
  • Small groups were formed with representation from white, black and Latino/a groups. It broadened our minds to hear about things from people from other groups and helped us see what is similar. It was also great to give more exposure to Pax Christi.  True collaboration will take a long time, but it was a good beginning.
  • Sr. Patty was very direct that unless PC becomes more multi-cultural and diverse, PC won’t survive. There were about 25 people there, three priests.  Two members of the curia were there. Others were health care workers, educators, volunteers, some community workers. Good mix of people.
Where do we go from here?
  • Maybe we could we build on it. We’re all Catholic. If we got to know each other more, maybe we could support each other more.  It’s good to get good people together.
  • It would help if could maintain communication between groups. It makes a difference if we can support each other’s events/activities. Question is what means of communication. Over time it does wonders for the cohesion of groups.
  • We need some kind of communication to everyone from the workshop, asking about his or her expectations going forward. How could we continue the dialog? Maybe we need to try to get together on a Saturday some time.  A lot of people came because of the people who asked them to come. Some were probably just interested.
  • Maybe we should start showing up at events these other groups are having.
  • If Javier has wider vision of Latino community and find his parallel in the African American community, it would be helpful. Otherwise we would just be going around and around.  At the workshop, Leon Henderson and Javier are the two people who got people there. What if we invite Javier and Leon to come to a meeting to talk about how to move forward? Where do we go from here? Invite everybody who was at the meeting.
  • Start with the folks who had the common experience. Get the group together and ask how people would want to proceed.  Later, maybe invite a broader group of Catholic activists/service providers, get everybody around the table, give everyone 10 minutes to talk about what they are doing, what are their strengths and what are their deficits. Get to know each other.
  • PC USA didn’t articulate what they want to see come out of these meetings. Our sense is that they are just planting seeds in the community and leaving follow up to us locally.  Follow up with them about that.
Laura then raised the question about the direction of the group. We need an overarching goal or vision as to where we want to go as a group.  Ideally, what would we want to happen?
  • We decided to focus on anti-racism, but not sure how involved we really are on that issue at this point.
  • If we go back to Pax Christi’s 4 Priorities, there are two we are working on: Nonviolence, and Economic & Racial Justice. If we want to continue to work on those two issues, they would be relevant locally and still within the national priorities.
  • Heart of what we are working on is building relationships. Inviting others to become a part of this is part of the relationship building.
Laura challenged the group to get more specific:  What would Pax Christi STL do?
  • Build relationships and get to know people/be a convener, support people’s groups/celebrations. Build relationships and let the holy spirit work
  • Pax Christi STL exists to build relationships and collegiality/solidarity among peoples and groups to bring about a peaceful, just community.  Anything that helps people live with dignity and peace.  The North Star is relationship building.  When you build relationships, you take direction from people you are building relationships with. We should ask other people what they need. Do they need for us to picket? Sign a petition? Stand up for a community event? We need to be able to respond to that so that we can stand with you.  That would be something this city needs: A group that connects what this city is doing.
  • Maybe we should start doing some travelling, visiting other groups, trying to  find out what is going on. Ask what they need.  Make it part of every meeting: Where have you been, what groups have you been in contact with, and what do you have to tell us?  Everyone will have the responsibility to build relationships.
Logistics/Next Steps:
  • We should send any upcoming events to the following e-mail address and Laura could get it on the
  • Follow up on the workshop, starting with Javier and Leon.
  • Decide what relationship we are going to start with. What group do we start with? Come with an idea —  what group would you like to learn more about? Or share whom you’re already working with.
  • Plan follow up two hour meeting at Ritter.
  • Kathy will see Javier and Leon next Monday, will talk with them.
  • Get the evaluations from the PC USA office.
  • Tell PC USA to have some sort of prepared sheet with questions for folks who attend the meeting.
  • Carla Mae sent letter drafted by Sr. Barbara Jennings’ letter.
  • Include subcommittees on the roster.

March 25 Meeting Minutes

Pax Christ STL Meeting

March 25, 2014

7:00 – 8:30 pm

St Alphonsus Liguori  “Rock” Church


Present:  Wilma, Sr. Carla Mae, John P, Patricia, Christine, Kathy, Heather, Laura, Tom, Fr. Jim, Gary, Mary Pat, Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Ida, Sr. Barbara and Carol (and Thomas VI!).


Kathy gave an update on the PCUSA team coming to St. Louis to hold a day-long outreach to adult Catholics of Color.·      Planning is going well. The event will take place on Saturday, April 12 from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm at Cardinal Ritter High School.

·      The goal is to have 30 people at the meeting, including 10 members of the local Pax Christi group, 10 African American Catholics and 10 Latino Catholics.

·      Javier O., Director of Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Leon H., President, Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School, have participated in a conference call with the PC USA staff, agreed to join the meeting personally and to help invite people to participate.

o   It was suggested we find out who is the moderator for the St. Joseph’s Campus Chapter, so we can invite him/her. Also invite Rob G. from SLU High?

·      PC USA has a budget to put on the event, but may need some support and lodging.  Laura and Tom, Heather and Mary Pat offered to house out of town guests.



·      We have a new Web site! Tom, Laura and Heather obtained the domain name There is a first draft of a site up now, so the infrastructure is in place to update it. Laura asked for feedback on what should be included on the new website. Ideas included:

o   Other social justice events

o   Prayers of the faithful

o   Notes from PC St Louis meetings

o   Link to PC USA

o   List local PC Campus Chapters (St. Joseph’s Academy, SLU High – others?)

o   Link our work to PC USA by including their org description /mission/vision and 4 Priority Areas. Then present how we are living this out in St. Louis.

o   Once established, have links to our subcommittees’ work, such as drones, military budget, City of Compassion, etc.

·      We still need to work out our group e-mail communication. Laura, Tom and Heather will determine the best way for us to get everyone receiving all communication. This may be the yahoo group, or something through our new website.



Going Forward

Laura asked the group what we should focus on going forward.


Prayers of the Faithful:

·      This was suggested again as a simple act we could do as a group, to provide peace and/or justice-focused (within the Pax Christi focus areas?) prayers of the faithful to parishes across the Archdiocese.

·      Mary Pat offered to assemble the contact list for parishes and to be responsible to send them out. She needs others in the group to pick up to 5 parishes (or more), to find out where she would send the petitions (most likely the Liturgy planner at each parish) and send that information to her.

·      We will start with Prayers of the Faithful that are already being written by the Peace and Justice committee at St. Alphonsus “Rock” Church, but will eventually pass responsibility to write the petitions around the group.



S. Louis training by Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team (PCART):

·      This could be open to anyone and a good opportunity to reach new people.

·      Possibly connect with Christ Church Cathedral downtown. They are working on anti-racism as well.

·      Also reach out to Pax Christi campus chapters in St. Louis

·      We created a subcommittee to work on this. The subcommittee now includes:

o   Heather

o   Fr. Jim

o   Kathy

o   Others are welcome to join!


Announcements and Sharing from others:

·      It is valuable to hear about what others are experiencing.


City of Compassion:

·      Sr. Carla Mae is working on this and would invite others to join so Pax Christi is represented.

·      She will bring the Charter to the next meeting so we can learn more about what it means to be a City of Compassion. In the meantime, you could Google “Charter of Compassion” to learn more.

·      Carol Mock volunteered to be on this subcommittee.



·      Pax Christi Metro DC is working on a drone campaign, which they have invited us to join.

·      Peace Economy Project

·      Military budget: There is an opportunity in St. Louis to shift from Boeing making the F18 to other, more productive machinery. There will be a big loss of jobs in St. Louis as the military no longer wants F18s and we need to be ready. Sr. Barbara offered to bring a letter for us to sign at the next meeting.


Announcements and News to Share

·      Sr. Mary Catherine made an announcement about Obligations of Justice and Love, A symposium examining inequality and solidarity on the 50th anniversary of Gaudium et Spes on Thursday, March 27. There are panel discussions during the day at 1:00, 3:00 and 4:30 and keynote speaker, Meghan J. Clark,  will speak at 7:00 pm in the Lewis Room of the Jack C. Taylor Library. Flyer about the event is attached.

·      Fr. Jim talked about the planned execution of Jeffrey Ferguson (since completed). He reported on Ferguson’s life in prison and how he has accepted responsibility for his crime and turned his life around, helping other prisoners. He then read a prayer from Sr. Helen Prejean.  He then invited others to join a prayer vigil for Jeffrey Ferguson taking place that night on the steps of College Church.

·      Sr. Ida reported on a March 18 Feedback Forum that took place in Forest Park on a report done by St. Louis University called “A Report on the Health and Well-Being of African Americans in St. Louis.” She reported that the information was very well presented and potentially useful in our work. See more at:

·      Heather  reported on some of her work with her organization, Missouri Coalition for the Environment. Prayer Vigils are still taking place every 2ndand 4th Wednesday at the Bridgeton Landfills. She also reported on organizing being done in anticipation of President Obama’s signing off on the Keystone XL pipeline. If it is given the green light, within 7-10 days, there will be an action at a federal building downtown, with up to 8 people being trained to be arrested.

·      Kathy reported on work the Peace and Justice Committee is doing around Medicaid expansion. There will be lobbying in Jefferson City and an initiative called Operation Lamping. Facts: the State of MO loses $5 million annually because we are not doing Medicaid expansion and 250,000 people are not getting healthcare.

·      Sr. Carla Mae  reported that the Faith and Labor Alliance will meet Thursday morning (3/27/14) at Maggie O’Brien’s, working on a petition for early voting in Missouri. Wilma had copies of the petition so it was passed around and signed by several members of the group.


Next Steps:

·      Mary Pat send:

o   Bulletin text

o   Lists of parishes already submitted (Jim and Mary Catherine’s list included below)

o   The full Bulletin 1-Pager – You can find the document at the following link: and in Spanish:

·      Laura, Heather and Tom will figure out what the electronic communication format will be going forward.

·      Everyone pick (up to) five parishes to send the bulletin insert and try to get some information circulating about Pax Christi St. Louis. Please send your list of parishes to Mary Pat. Use the same five parishes for the next step below…

·      Send Mary Pat contact information for the Liturgy planner at your parishes to receive the PC STL Prayers of the Faithful.

·      Laura to create a roster of PC STL members.

·      Find out who is the moderator for the St. Joseph Academy Pax Christi campus chapter and invite him or her to the April 12 event.

·      Mary Pat send Regional Dialog list to Kathy.

·      Think about subject areas to form subcommittees.

·      Sr. Carla Mae will bring the Charter to the next meeting.

·      Sr. Barbara will bring a letter re: Boeing F18 production for us to sign.

·      Our next meeting is April 22

Feb. 25 Meeting Minutes

Pax Christ STL Meeting

February 25, 2014

7:00 – 8:00 pm

St Alphonsus Liguori  “Rock” Church


Present:  Wilma L., Kathy M., Heather N., Laura K. Tom K., Fr. Jim B., Lucy W., Gary V., Mary Pat O., Sr. Mary Catherine, and Sr. Ida


Heather gave a report on the last National Council meeting at PC USA. Topics included the following:

Pax Christi USA Workshop to reach out to Adult Catholics of Color

·      St Louis is one of five cities across the country where PC USA will hold such a workshop. It is specifically to reach out to Catholics of Color.

·      Kathy M. will be our point person to coordinate a date and logistics with PC USA. Mary Pat will help.

·      We should make effort to include Hispanic community – this could be a good opportunity to bring together Latino and African American communities.

·      Immigration is a sticky issue – how could we help bridge issues?

·      Our preferred date for the workshop would be April 26 (if it has to happen by the end of April). We would prefer to push it into the summer.

·      The goal is to get at least 30 people.

Still taking nominations for the National Council

·      Javier’s name was suggested.

The Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team (PCART) is planning to come to St. Louis to do a training.

·      This could be open to anyone and a good opportunity to reach new people.

·      Possibly connect with Christ Church Cathedral downtown. They are working on anti-racism as well.

General Discussion:

·      We discussed what makes Pax Christi unique. One person suggested that we come at issues that many people are working on, but in a different way – from a place of love.

·      Laura volunteered to be the new facilitator. We all said a prayer of thanks to Melissa for her work over the past several years and are grateful to Laura to stepping into this new role!

·      There was much discussion about communication. Is the googlegroup or yahoogroup working to get information to everyone? Should we start a blog or a website?

·      Kathy M. reported on a new partnership between The Rock Church and Columbia School. 6 people are registered to volunteer. The head of the education department at Fontbonne went with Kathy to visit Columbia and they are seriously considering sending students there this fall. One idea: Do peace activities with kids at the school. The kids are hungry for attention from adults. This initiative has some momentum now.

Important issues to consider:

·      Stand Your Ground laws

·      Dick Cheney coming out strongly against Obama’s military budget

Next Steps:

·      Heather  send Adult Catholics of Color workshop information

·      Mary Pat send bulletin insert text.

·      Everyone pick five parishes to send the bulletin insert and try to get some information circulating about Pax Christi St. Louis. Please send your list of parishes to Mary Pat

·      Our next meeting is March 25