Meeting Minutes Jan 2015

Pax Christi STL Meeting

January 13, 2015, 7:00 pm
St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Church
In attendance: Kathy, Laura and Tom , Fr. Jim, Wilma, Carla Mae , Gary, Carol, Mary Pat.
We will stay with Tuesdays for the next three meetings, February 10 and March 10 and April 14.
  • World Religion Readings starting Jan. 28:  Muslims, Jews and Christians participate on Wednesday, 12:10-1:30 for seven Wednesdays, from January 28 through March 8 at The Aquinas Institute. Anyone is welcome.
  • College Church has contacted The Rock Church about collaborating on an initiative on race. Perhaps starting a dialog with a screening of Selma.  More information forthcoming and Kathy will pass it along as it develops.
  • PCART workshop on March 14 at the Wash U Catholic Student Center
    • Will be an all day workshop with two speakers from Chicago (Tom Cordaro) and Richmond, VA (Cathy Woodson).  8:30am – 5pm
    • Biggest task now is to fundraise for the workshop.  We received letterhead from PCUSA and we need everyone to send out at least one letter.
    • Laura will talk to the Archdiocese.
    • Let Laura know whom you will be soliciting.
o Jim already received a commitment of $100 from the Dominican Friars.
o Anna Sandidge has already pledged $500 from the CSJ justice ministry.
o Mary Pat will send a letter to St. Cronan’s.
o Wilma will send a letter to Drury Inn. Idea: One benefit to Drury for supporting the event is we could use their notepads and pens.
o Carol will send a letter to the Benedictines
o Sr. Carla Mae will send a letter to Richard DeBona and the pastor of College Church.
o Kathy and Wilma will request from The Rock.
o We need a volunteer to look into the Vatterott Foundation.
o Carol will send a letter to Most Holy Trinity parish.
o Need to volunteer to contact Sisters of Mercy
o Laura will send a letter to School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Paulette Zimmerman is the social justice coordinator.
o Need a volunteer to look into NCCJ.
o Need a volunteer to contact Incarnate Word Foundation
o Someone should call Marie Kenyon. Not sure if she has a budget, but we are asking for $100.  (Laura will attempt)  If anyone know her personally – please let me know
    • The letter on letterhead should be in our e-mail tomorrow. We can use that as a base and customize it for our contacts.
    • Food:  They would like us to do it in a way that requires the least amount of time, so box lunches or something quick.  Kathy  coordinating food.
• Mary Pat will oversee the budget.
• Need to figure out how much to reimburse per mile, perhaps .56/mile.
• Need to clarify how Cathy is to handle getting her ticket.

Notes about March 14 Workshop

  • Everyone who participates needs to commit for the entire session. 8:30am – 5pm
  • Need to decide whether to invite young people – can they really commit to the whole session?
  • Sr. Carla Mae expressed that we should be explicit about the requirements.
  • Ask John and Rob about their peers at other high schools. Could they recommend kids?  Need to put together a one-pager on what the event is and what is required so the students know what they are getting into.
  • Ask the history museum about using some of their resources on the history of race relations in St Louis.
  • We will make the meeting all on Saturday (as opposed to breaking it up between Friday night and Saturday).
  • We need name tags
  • What outcome do we want from this workshop?
o Increase our own understanding of racism
o See the possibility of ripple effects — Participants share the information. Challenge participants to give one presentation.
o What does it mean in a sustained manner, an ongoing response to Ferguson.
o Do more intentional outreach to people of color to join PC USA to help us do our anti-racism work.
  • What do we want to call this workshop? Something to do with sustained, systemic change. Suggestions below:
o Peace begins with Me; A Pax Christi Anti-Racism Workshop
o Resisting Racism in St. Louis

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

Meeting Minutes December 2014

Pax Christi Meeting
December 2, 2014
7:00 pm at St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Church
In attendance: Kathy, Laura and Tom, Fr. Jim, Wilma, Carla Mae, Lucy, Gary, Christine, Patricia, Mary Pat.
We started by recognizing Carla Mae for being honored with the Malachi Award. The funds from this award will go toward students who want to study Jewish/Christian relations.  Congratulations Sr. Carla Mae!
Old Business
  • We discussed possibly changing the meetings to the first Tuesday of the month. We still have to make sure we can get a room at the church.  Laura will let Wilma know by next week so we can confirm meeting space.  The first Tuesday in January is 1/6/15.
  • The letter we wrote about Ferguson was posted on the Pax Christi USA website and FB. It will be sent to:
    o St. Louis Review
    o St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    o St. Louis American
    o Catholic Magazine
  • Anti-racism training: We can use the Catholic Student Center at Wash U for no charge. PC USA would like us to collect donations and send in one lump sum to the DC office. We would like people to write their checks to Pax Christi.
    o Budget of $2,000. Possibly ask 20 churches/religious orders for $100 each.
    o Laura and Mary Pat will draft a fundraising letter.
    o We will get PC USA letterhead stationary and work to get letters sent by early January 2015.
    o We will start (by e-mail) to brainstorm parishes/orders/group members we could approach about sending a request letter so we can “hit the ground running” in January.
    o Carla Mae suggested we contact the Office of Education. Ed H. is  in charge of adult education. He would know who is in charge of the schools. Speak personally with him. Tell him Laura is the facilitator of Pax Christi St. Louis and we want to see if people could get credit/certification for the training course.
    o Would the Archdiocese give a grant to support the training? Who would it be? Catholic Charities. Could Javier O. help? Kathy will ask. Ed Hogan would be a good contact.

    o Where and how will be publicize the event?

      • Laura will set up a FB page for PC St Louis.
      • Church bulletins
      • Half-page flyers
      • Make an electronic copy to be distributed by the group and friends.
      • Call Don Marsh
    o Who do we want to attend?
      • Peacemakers
      • Teachers
      • Parishes with a social justice committee
      • People who have gone through JustFaith training
      • College students
      • Possibly high school students (with a recommendation from a teacher and paired up with mentors)
      • What if we made it a point to really invite students of color from Ferguson and/or Cardinal Ritter?
      • Catholic parishes in Ferguson?
    o Food: We will use donated funds to hire a caterer, possibly an African American-owned business. Cheryl McNeil     (Business: Aren’t You Hungry?).  Diner’s Delight.  Maybe a Ferguson caterer.
  • Update on Compassionate St. Louis: The Nov 13 meeting went very well. 200 people were there. The next town hall meeting will be in April 2015. 7 groups from the community were there including 3 ministers from Ferguson. It was covered in the STL Post-Dispatch.
  • We discussed what people thought about the Rams demonstration of solidarity and the public reaction to it.
  • Prayer Healing Service this Thursday at St. Alphonsus Liguori Church. It will be from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. The topic will be on changing the narrative on raising the Black male.
  • How can we help Ferguson?
    • Support the businesses
    • Invite people to participate in everything that we are doing.
    • Show up at prayer services/meetings of support that are taking in Ferguson.
    • Do we want to do something more specific? Help clean up? Laura will distribute information about specific needs to the PC STL group.
  • One of the things we can do is keep the conversation going and not let the conversation fade out. We won’t let things go back to “Business as usual.”
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.