Feb. 25 Meeting Minutes

Pax Christ STL Meeting

February 25, 2014

7:00 – 8:00 pm

St Alphonsus Liguori  “Rock” Church


Present:  Wilma L., Kathy M., Heather N., Laura K. Tom K., Fr. Jim B., Lucy W., Gary V., Mary Pat O., Sr. Mary Catherine, and Sr. Ida


Heather gave a report on the last National Council meeting at PC USA. Topics included the following:

Pax Christi USA Workshop to reach out to Adult Catholics of Color

·      St Louis is one of five cities across the country where PC USA will hold such a workshop. It is specifically to reach out to Catholics of Color.

·      Kathy M. will be our point person to coordinate a date and logistics with PC USA. Mary Pat will help.

·      We should make effort to include Hispanic community – this could be a good opportunity to bring together Latino and African American communities.

·      Immigration is a sticky issue – how could we help bridge issues?

·      Our preferred date for the workshop would be April 26 (if it has to happen by the end of April). We would prefer to push it into the summer.

·      The goal is to get at least 30 people.

Still taking nominations for the National Council

·      Javier’s name was suggested.

The Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team (PCART) is planning to come to St. Louis to do a training.

·      This could be open to anyone and a good opportunity to reach new people.

·      Possibly connect with Christ Church Cathedral downtown. They are working on anti-racism as well.

General Discussion:

·      We discussed what makes Pax Christi unique. One person suggested that we come at issues that many people are working on, but in a different way – from a place of love.

·      Laura volunteered to be the new facilitator. We all said a prayer of thanks to Melissa for her work over the past several years and are grateful to Laura to stepping into this new role!

·      There was much discussion about communication. Is the googlegroup or yahoogroup working to get information to everyone? Should we start a blog or a website?

·      Kathy M. reported on a new partnership between The Rock Church and Columbia School. 6 people are registered to volunteer. The head of the education department at Fontbonne went with Kathy to visit Columbia and they are seriously considering sending students there this fall. One idea: Do peace activities with kids at the school. The kids are hungry for attention from adults. This initiative has some momentum now.

Important issues to consider:

·      Stand Your Ground laws

·      Dick Cheney coming out strongly against Obama’s military budget

Next Steps:

·      Heather  send Adult Catholics of Color workshop information

·      Mary Pat send bulletin insert text.

·      Everyone pick five parishes to send the bulletin insert and try to get some information circulating about Pax Christi St. Louis. Please send your list of parishes to Mary Pat

·      Our next meeting is March 25